100m swim
3km cycle
500m run


Mini Triathlon

150m swim
5km cycle
1.5km run


Short Triathlon

300m swim
7km cycle
3km run


Long Triathlon

750m swim
20km cycle
5km run


Duathlon Run-Bike-Run

2km run
7km cycle
1km run



Available for all triathlon distances in 2 or 3 person teams

SunSmart Women's Triathlon Entry Fees

Category Individual
TWA/TA Member
NON Member
Relay Team
NON Members #
TriEvents Tadpoles $15 $20 N/A
Mini Triathlon $50 $55 $85
Junior Mini Triathlon $35 $40 N/A
Short Triathlon $60 $70 $100
Junior Short Triathlon $45 $55 N/A
Long Triathlon $70 $80 $120
Junior Long Triathlon $55 $65 N/A
Duathlon $60 $70 N/A
Junior Duathlon $45 $55 N/A

*It is the participants responsibility to read the event policy – click here to read.

Please note:

  • For the definition of a team, please see ‘What is a relay team’ answer below.
  • A junior entrant is any girl under the age of 16 on 31/12/2017
  • Tadpoles participants must be 7 years of age as at 31/12/2017
  • Entry Fees are non-refundable.
  • TriEvents reserves the right to alter the format of the event in the interest of competitor safety if deemed necessary due to prevailing weather and environmental conditions.

Additional Fees

  • Late Entries: Online entries accepted after midnight on the Wednesday preceding the event will incur a $10 late fee.
  • Event Day Entries will incur an additional $10 late fee and will be available ONLY if the event is not already full. Some distances sell out out prior to the event, so avoid disappointment and enter early.

What is a TWA Membership?

A ‘TWA Membership’ is a Triathlon Western Australia Membership, which has various benefits including race discounts. Memberships are available for juniors, individuals and families, click here to view the memberships available. Participants who are not members are required to pay a Day License Fee – this fee provides event insurance cover, required by the sanctioning body of Triathlon Australia.

Participating as a Team

Choosing to participate as a team is a great way to start out in triathlon. There are two types of teams in triathlon – Relay Teams or Groups

What is a Relay team?

A relay team is where 2 or 3 people join together to complete a triathlon whereby one person completes one leg and one person completes the other two (2 person relay team) or one person completes a leg each (3 person relay team).

The relay team is given one race number and a timing chip; the swimmer begins with the timing chip. Once the swimmer completes the swim leg, they run into transition where the cyclist is waiting at the bike rack for their team member. They exchange the timing chip (as if a relay baton) and once the cyclist has wrapped it securely around their ankle, they can then start the cycle. At the completion of the cycle, the cyclists comes back into transition to meet the runner who is waiting at the bike rack. The cyclist must first rack their bike before handing the timing chip to the runner. The runner then securely wraps the timing chip around their ankle and they then begin their run.

At the SunSmart Women’s Triathlon, each team is allocated a specific spot in transition (according to their race number) and therefore is the anchor point for each team member to meet the next after completion of their chosen leg.

If in a two person team, the team member completing two legs can choose any two to complete – swim/bike, bike/run, swim/run.

What is a Group?

A group is a team of people who wish to complete all three legs of the triathlon, but wish to do so in conjunction with friends. Essentially it is individual registrations teaming up as a group.

The difference of registering as a group rather than an individual is that it allows you all to start together in the same wave. If you were to register as an individual, you would be allocated a wave start according to your age (consequently you and your friends may not all be in the same age category and may not start together).